Sunday, July 29, 2012

Momma Hen

Our Momma Hen... She has been laying on her eggs for a while now.  She gets very upset with you if you come around her to feed her and give water.  Ryan was trying to put food next to her.  Hoping we get some chicks out of the deal, that would be awesome!

Rob's New Work Truck

Well with his truck being more than we want to throw into it again, he was luck enough to a) find a truck that seems to be maintained pretty good from a neighbor b) have a good friend who was willing to loan us the money till somethings settle themselves.... Anyway, he picked it up yesterday and is busy getting road worthy for tuesday when he goes to work.  He will eventually pull the box off the back and have a flatbed system but for now this is perfect.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Recipes for Butternut Squash

I figured since I have a garden full of different stuff I would start making post with links to recipes I wanna try.  First up Butternut Squash

Saturday, May 26, 2012


While at the Cemetery today we came across a Donkey that we just loved and apparently he was pretty friendly too.  He chased Ethan and Alex down the fence line and cried when they left him… LOL!!! So cute!

Happy Memorial Day

The boys and I went to a few local Cemeteries with the Boy Scout Troop, American Legion and a few other local Dunnellon officials.  I think the boys in a weird sorta of way enjoyed it.  Paying there respects to the servicemen and women, as well as seeing some of the very old headstones.  Here are some photos of the boys.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A little update

Happy New Year!!! Well things here are moving along at a fast pace, isn't that what happens in life?  I have looked at pictures recently and I am so shocked over how much my kids are growing.  Especially my oldest who is definately a teenager.  He is now as tall as me (shhhhh.... I am telling him I am a half inch taller, I know I can't pull that off much longer.... LOL), he has a deep voice like a young man and is starting to test his boundaries instead of being so easy going.  I still can't complain often, he is a good kid. This month we will be looking at a few high schools, yes I said it HIGH SCHOOLS for Ryan to choose from. Ethan well I love him to pieces but he is just a different child, he is much more hmmmh how do you say.... laid back? (trying to avoid the word that I would like to use) Just praying we can guide him to being the young man I know he can be.  Then again its the first year of middle school for him and we all know how that transition is.  He is busy with Scouts, Soccer and Band (Ry is doing all but soccer since he fell out of a tree in August) Anyhow, Miss Megan aka my Diva.... she is blossoming and going through all the lovely hormonal things that girls go through.  She can be such a delight when she wants to :) I love them all dearly.  My poor hubby is still traveling down to our old stomping grounds in PSL.  We miss our buddies down there tremendously, but we are trying very hard to make new roots up here.  Business has not been good but I am going to try very hard to grow our business this way.  We really need Daddy home more often, but for now we are thankful and blessed to have the work down south.  Me I am just trying to keep up with these kids and the house.  Not to much to report, have applied for a few jobs with no success.  Times are so hard and with Rob traveling I still have a certain schedule I can do to get the kids to and from school.  We have also increased our fur, feather and fin population.  We now have 11 hens and 6 roosters.  We have been getting eggs, which is pretty cool! We also have 3 pigs of which 2 are the boys FFA Pigs that they are showing next month  (Houdini and Mack Truck) and 1 was actually given to us (her name is Babe).  We have 4 dogs Roxy (14 months) & Moxy (8 months) are sisters and are German Shepards.  We also have Sadie (3 yrs) a jack russell and one of her puppies Abby (4 months) who is a jack russell/ Cairn Terrier Mix.  We still have our Sushi kitty and have added Scooter (9 months).  I know we are crazy but we really enjoy our babies! Well that is about all for now, my eyelids to shut so I can sleep which has been difficult lately.  Hope to come in and make more updates.  Thanks for reading and pls leave me a comment if you stopped by, even if its just HI!!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Been a LONG time

since I have been on our blog.  Is there anyone out there still?  If so reply... Wondering if its worth keeping this up.  Things here have progressed a bunch both good and bad.  The kids are doing well and finally adjusting to school and the area.  We are finally in our new home and have slowly made some changes.  Unfortantely the business has become pretty scarce which means money is also very little, so the changes around here will have to be of what has already been paid for.  I have been contemplating going back to work but will likely table it until school starts back for now.  We have added 2 dogs and lost 1 dog and 1 kitty (in October) since my previous blogging.  All in all we have a roof over our head and food on our plates so life is manageable.